Our team


Faithful to the family and confidential spirit of its origins, The Place To Be Paris brings together property hunters with complementary personalities and expertise, able to respond to the specific contours of each search project.

The team carefully cultivates its partnerships with the best professionals in residential real estate and expresses its talents with precision, efficiency and good humour.

The Place To Be Paris is exclusively dedicated to the success of its hunts and the happiness of its clients. This is the philosophy of The Place To Be Paris.

Catherine Callède


Operating in a dynamic and constantly changing real estate market, the hunters have a sure eye and a fine analysis, allowing them to orchestrate each mission with a master’s touch. In the heart of their favourite cities: Paris and its suburbs!

Discover the personalities and specialities of the team.

CATHERINE (Agency director)

Following a career in the service industry and twelve years of experience in the Paris real estate market, Catherine founded The Place To Be Paris. The agency is one of the forerunners in the field of real estate hunting and has always taken care to keep its original DNA. Catherine deploys her expertise in real estate as well as her vision of a service entirely dedicated to the client to offer 100% personalised and tailor-made hunting solutions. Catherine is surrounded by a team of young hunters to whom she has passed on her know-how and philosophy.

“Every property hunt is a real encounter with our clients. One of the roles that is important to me is to establish a strong bond of trust with each of our clients. In these times of economic inflation, it is more necessary than ever to provide confidence and security. Our vocation is to accompany each property purchase project with seriousness, efficiency and commitment.”

KINGA (Property hunter)

Kinga started her career in a high end real estate agency before joining The Place To Be Paris. Her expertise of the Parisian market and her analytical approach to each hunting mission make Kinga a wise advisor. With her keen eye and ability to listen, she always gets it right. Kinga is simply looking for the perfect service!

PAULINE (Property hunter)

Pauline paces the streets of Paris and leafs through interior design magazines with the same enthusiasm. Able to unearth the potential of spaces in need of renovation as well as superb flats that have been refurbished and are off the market, our hunter has more than one trick up her sleeve to find properties that will immediately appeal to our clients. The quality of a property is the first condition for the future comfort and beauty of the place!

JULIETTE (Property hunter)

Juliette comes to us from the design sector. She combines practicality and aesthetics, good taste, and reliable expertise about the quality of materials and the distribution of rooms in each property. Juliette takes into consideration the needs of our clients with a heightened sensitivity to space and future quality of life. Her credo is to provide an adequate response to each need at each stage!

HELENA (Visitor)

Helena is a visitor. You will probably have the opportunity to read and view her detailed reports during your next property visits. During her missions, you will be able to ask her all your questions! Her role is to give you an accurate and faithful picture of the property you are interested in. And she succeeds every time!

JULIE (Visitor)

Like Helena, Julie is an experienced visitor. Exploring properties from the cellar to the ceiling, she asks the sellers all the questions necessary for an overall assessment of the property. Is it right for you? You decide, with the help of her opinion, photo and video documentation, and her informed comments.

VIRGINIE (Interior designer )

A passionate Parisian interior designer, Virginie designs, imagines and decorates your new property to make it a perfect cocoon that reflects you. She is involved as soon as you are the new owners and can also provide her expertise in the perspective of a purchase. Virginie enthusiastically shares her incomparable sense of colours, volumes and materials, in response to your tastes and your desire to transform your property. To delight your senses and your experience of the place!

KARIM (Artisan)

Karim has been working with us for almost ten years. This highly experienced craftsman advises you, listens to you and works with taste and precision – without forgetting the standards in force! You need to install a central kitchen island, put in new door frames, or knock down a partition to open up a space? His experience, his wise suggestions and his kindness make him an outstanding professional partner for your future renovation work.

VIGEN (Artisan)

With Vigen, it’s also a matter of trust. He has been working with us for almost ten years. We can’t count the number of properties he has worked on; whether it’s a total renovation of a property, a structural work, an upgrade of the electricity or diagnostics, Vigen intervenes with precision and always provides clear and adapted answers to each new owner of the properties we entrust to him. Karim works according to the rules of the trade and always delivers impeccable work, respecting your deadlines.