Paris in Bloom

Paris in Bloom
April 15, 2020 Gd Graphisme

Paris in Bloom

Article published in April 2020

Yes, you are in Paris! Flowers appears everywhere: hyacinths, tulips, forget-me-nots, daisies and cherry trees are blossoming…

Flowers adorn Paris with the beginning of spring, while some of its streets and secret places remain green most of the year! A profusion of colors and plant spaces unfold here and there, to the delight of those walking. Not to mention the luckiest, those who live in green areas all year round and only have to open their windows to fully enjoy the arrival of sunny days…

Let’s start our walk between the stalls of the famous Flower Market, nestled under iron and steel shelters, in the heart of the Ile de la Cité. The opulence and diversity of the plants offered immediately sets the stage: here is an enchanting place from which to bring a magnificient exotic bouquet, or a plant messenger of a cherished secret … follow us in Montmartre for a first stop!

Here we are, Saint-Vincent street in the 18th district: this cobbled street located between the Sacré-Coeur and avenue Caulaincourt is surrounded by stone walls where ivy clings. Not a sound, except for birds singing or the wind wistling through the leaves thickness. Houses can barely be seen and apartments are hidden behind this rich vegetation … a little further, on our left lat Montmarte’s vineyards, imposing their pretty symmetry in the middle of those ancient stones, waiting for the next harvest festival!

On the other side of “la butte”, lets descend “rue des Martyrs” surrounded by large planters. Raise your head and enjoy the terraces’ balconies flowered by their owners … passionate lovers of their neighborhood. We make a small detour via “rue Henry Monnier”, located in the 9th arrondissement, and we pass in front of Debeaulieu’s window, of one of the most famous florists in Paris. Its bouquets are as refined as they can be grandiose: in large spaces, the largest creations! It could be one of the house’s slogans…

Let’s now head to the 19th arrondissement, towards “rue Mouzaïa”. Very close to “Les Buttes Chaumont”, this avenue keeps its own secret: all its streets consist of small perpendiculars dead ends with bucolic charm carefully maintained by the house owners. Here some trees, there potted plants, or roses between the paving stones, this tangle of courtyards and gardens is a wonder! La Mouzaïa is undoubtdly a green paradise hidden in the heart of Paris.

Among these superb flower-filled districts, there is also “La Cité des Fleurs” of the 17th district. This private road in the “Épinettes” district is just as lush as the previous one: palm trees and cherry trees enhance the front of the gates! This without counting the charm of those individual houses providing more magic to a stroll in the city. It is said that the impressionist painter Sisley lived there, and that the talented sisters Deneuve and Dorléac were born there. It seems to be a beautiful omen to be born in “La Cité des Fleurs”!

Do not forget to visit “La Cité Florale” in the 13th district … Very close of “Parc Montsouris”, protected by a few modern buildings, this incredible district is nothing more than a bouquet of streets named after flowers , Wisteria, Iris, Mimosas… those sweet names to lovely houses with sloping roofs or discreet facing… Country life in Paris, in the midst of a luxurious vegetation!

Let’s end our ride with a well-deserved break, on an island a little different from the otehr part of the city. Let’s go aboard a barge boasting a beautiful garden … The El Alamein café-boat, on the quai François Mauriac in the 13th district, with its purple painted hull! It is more than a lush garden, in winter as well as summer, where to go to eat. Enough to get reenergised!

What kind of flowers would you like to see and smell in Paris? In a big bouquet in your living room, in a pot on your terrace facing south, or in your private garden?

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