Colorful streets

Colorful streets
May 5, 2020 Gd Graphisme

Colorful streets

Article published in May 2020

Candy pink, royal blue, lilac or canary yellow … color has the power to stimulate or soothe us: it directly appeals to our emotions. Indoors as well as on the facades of buildings, it very often arises from unique initiatives. They can take the form of pretty “street-art” winks, as in rue Juliette Dodu (in the 10th district), or stretch peacefully, as on the storefronts of the trendy shops on the quai de Valmy (also in the 10th district). The color is also displayed in powerful monochrome, as at 31-33, rue de la Glacière (in the 13th district), and finely composes the decorations of ornamental facades, such as the paintings by Pierre-Jules Jollivet from 11 Cité Malesherbes (in the 9th district). As you will have understood: we love to highlight all these touches of color brightening up the streets of Paris!

Today we want to take you for a stroll in the 12th district, and to meet its most beautiful colorful streets. This district goes from Bastille to Place de la Nation and to the Bois de Vincennes; it features one of the most famous streets in Paris known for its shimmering beauty: rue Crémieux. This row of individual houses in pastel colors vibrating in the sun, delivers all sort of a shades of roses, punctuated by deep blues and bright oranges, and by the arrangement of beautiful potted plants on
the paved floor… Leave this superb street to its tranquility, and head for the Aligre district, bohemian and peaceful, with its village look! Here, strolling is an art of living. But there is much more: located in a former suburb (evidenced by the name of the main axis of the district, Faubourg Saint-Antoine) this district still brings together many ebeniste workshops. Let’s enter the superb Chantier passage: here colours are distributed in the form of vintage sign flags, on doorsteps and on interior tapestries arrangement exposed at the bottom of craftsmen windows. A place not to be missed to discover the whole atmosphere of this 12th district is the Beauvau covered market. Where friends and neighbors meet at the terraces of bistros – some of them offering attractive prices…

The 12th is appreciated by its inhabitants for its quality of life, and the attractive prices it offers whereby square meters sell for an average 10,500 euros. For these reasons it became Benoit’s choice, one of The Place To Be France’s clients. With the aim of making an investment, with a budget of € 450 000, Benoît recently acquired a superb three-room apartment of 42m2 in that district. Purchased at the price of 10,700 euros per m2, in an old and perfectly arranged building, the property was immediately rented to a young family! And could you guess what made this apartment so soft and cozy during the visit? Its walls painted in very light gray-blue. A technique well known by interior decorators: replacing neutral white with bluish gray to gain serenity…
Now let’s go visit another colorful street, located in the peaceful Montgallet district. While getting there, let’s allow ourselves a small detour to the René-Dumont Green Coulée, planted with lime trees, hazel trees, and magnificent rose bushes. It offers superb views of the district and a perfectly clear sky. This pleasant pedestrian route, built high on an old railway, starts from the Opera Bastille and merges into areas of the Bois de Vincennes. And then we almost arrive at our destination, pass the gates of the Court of Alsace-Lorraine located at 67 rue de Reuilly, and here we are on a private road in shades of turquoise, navy blue, and brick red. This path quickly becomes imbued with sweetness. The atmosphere is palpable as in the Passage du Chantier. From private roads to secret passages, some colors Paris offers are sometime intimate!

What about continuing this exquisite experience, and start imagining your future real estate projects. Let’s browse some of the beautiful books we selected for you. Will you choose a great classic in “Color Harmony”, published by Pantone? Or may be will your decision will arise from a small book full of anecdotes, like “History of Color” by Michel Pastoureau, or even from another reference such as the “Art of color”, by Johannes Itten, the teacher of Bauhaus. No matter what, you will undoubtedly fine enough ideas to immerse yourself in the secret world of colored vibrations…
And for those who want to finish this walk by our side, let’s set off for the Bercy district, very nicely renovated, where many offices and company headquarters are located. We will find the reknown Museum of Arts Fairgrounds, located at 53 Avenue des Terroirs de France: a true “museum-spectacle” experience. The immersion is total. Ancient rides, magic lanterns and numerous collectibles, lead us into a secret and infinite dance where color and light merge together!

So, whether you are zen or “electric”, whether you prefer to opt for natural, soft or tangy tones, this spectrum of colors invites you to imagine your home. The Place To Be France will be there to guide you, and will always remain attentive to all your projects. From the search and acquisition of a property through its renovation and its decoration. Tell us what you want and we will do everything possible for making it happen!